Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre began as Westside Neighbourhood Centre, a Drop in Centre in Balmain in 1977. In 1980 the Centre moved to Rozelle and 1983 took up the name, Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre.


NSW Writers Centre had its beginnings at Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre. From 1982 up until 1995 RNC was the Coordinator of Rozelle Festival. Rozelle Festival was a major community event, first held in the streets of Rozelle and later, Elkington Park. The festival had links with a film festival known as ‘Peripheral Visions’, the Balmain Regatta, Balmain Sinfonia Orchestra and local Jazz Groups. 


In 1986 there was a shift in focus from advocacy and referral to service provision. This was also the year that RNC became an Incorporated Association. This shift was tied to major shifts in the delivery of Community Services.


'In 1988 under the Greiner Government many organisations had their funding frozen resulting in a cut in real funding of 7% in 1990. Housing was defunded and competitive tendering was introduced’ (NCOSS).